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If you are looking for a great spray paint seller in Tokyo I discovered a good shop in Meguro. Had a little bit of trouble finding it the first time but if you take the right line out of Shibuya you can get off at a station that is only a minute or two from the shop. So yeah, the shop is called Montana Shop and Coffee Tokyo (click this link and you’ll get the address and a link to google maps showing you how to get there.)

2-12-5-B1F Nakane Meguro, Tokyo 152-0031  JAPAN

T/F: +81-(0)3-5729-2727

From the official Montana website: “The Montana Shop & Coffee concept has arrived to the Japanese capital, by the hands of our distributor and friend, Makoto. This is an indispensable spot for aficionados of local urban art and for the fortunate visitors of this impressive metropolis mix of tradition and technological evolution.”

They have their own blog but you will only benefit from visiting it if you can read Japanese. Here’s the link: Montana Blog

Montana Shop And Coffee Tokyo









Master Airbrush Brand Airbrush Kit









While I mostly use quality spray cans to do my stencil art and graffiti pieces I have used an airbrush setup before and find that in some circumstances they are a good option.

If you are considering getting one for the first time I have found a good bit of gear that is currently (at the time I write this) being offered on sale.  The offer is for 39% on the Master Airbrush Brand High Performance Multi-purpose Gravity Feed Dual-action Airbrush Kit with 6 Foot Hose and a Powerful 1/6hp Single Piston Quiet Air Compressor-The Complete Set Now Includes a (FREE) How to Airbrush Training Book to Get You Started. Wow that was a mouth full… but seriously that’s a great setup. What I really liked was they include a book on how to get started in airbrushing… you can pay $20-$30 on a how to do it book just by itself.

The airbrush kit has received some pretty good reviews as well. So I reckon you can’t go wrong with this. When I first got started with airbrush work I didn’t have to purchase a compressor as we already had one in the workshop… it was just a matter of getting the right fittings so the couplings and hoses were compatible… no worries there if you decide to get this setup.

Anyway, check it out here if you are interested.